Increasing Brand Awareness for Xucker through a cross-media campaign in Munich

Chocolate, candy and cookies – we all love it sweet! 

Last year, the per capita consumption of sugar in Germany was a whopping 34.8 kg. And yet, we all know that too much sugar is bad for our health.

Fortunately, however, there are now ways to enjoy sweets without any sugar at all – thanks to Xucker, the leading provider of the perfect sweetening alternative.

Case in Numbers

  • 90 % video view rates
  • 21 % increase in brand awareness, according to advertising effectiveness study
  • Above-average banner click rates

Xucker against the big corporations: David against the Goliaths of the world!

The aim was to educate more households and consumers about the alternative sweetener, strengthen the brand, build customer loyalty, and increase sales online and in-stores. 
In particular, people with a strong affinity for health, baking and cooking should be persuaded to finally try sugar-free alternatives.

We ran a digital cross-media campaign in the city of Munich, and measured the advertising impact, not only online, but also in real life. 

We designed a digital campaign covering all categories: display, video, and special formats, accompanied by streaming ads on smart TVs and digital out-of-home. 

For one month, we targeted the right Munich residents with a diverse but always well-thought-out targeting recipe.

  • We see high click-through rates in the Schwabing district? Then we’ll increase our advertising push on Smart TV there even more, ideally with a focus on prime time.
  • Our special format works best in the Sendling district? Then we’ll increase the video advertising push in this district.
  • The “drinking chocolate” motif resonates more with younger audiences? A few adjustments and the media plan is already more focused on relevant environments and devices.
  • And the retailers are also in these neighborhoods? Then let’s activate the relevant neighborhoods with Hyperlocal.

Throughout the campaign, we rely on our secret ingredients

This enabled us to create a cross-media campaign that was well-thought-out from the outset, and swiftly optimized. Digital media, data, and creation struck the perfect harmony.

And the result?

  • Above-average banner click rates
  • Video view rates of 90%
  • 21% increase in brand awareness according to an advertising impact study

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