Wöhler Technik: visual and technical modernization of the e-shop – for better usability and an appealing online presence.

Examples of Wöhlers new onlineshop on different devices

Wöhler Technik GmbH develops, produces and sells innovative measuring, inspection and cleaning equipment for building technology. In this context, the company operates a website and a web store in a total of six countries.

The website and the e-shop were not up to par with current technical and visual requirements. In particular, the visual appearance of the website needed refreshing, and the technical basis and front end required updating, taking different devices into account. 

Next-Gen E-Commerce Excellence: Where comprehensive integration meets modern design.

The first goal was to improve the user-friendliness of the e-shop by integrating an in-house enterprise resource planning system and a Wöhler Power Partner program, with an extensive range of services, including selected web forms. Both the functionality and the existing database were transferred in full. The second focus was on the website’s facelift, as well as the integration of some new functions for CMS. 

The planned facelift was also used as an opportunity to bring the ageing TYPO3 and Magento link up to date. The seamless merging of the two systems enables the customer to display individual content, maintained for the TYPO3 CMS, at any point in the system.

We believe that the best web solutions should not only be perfectly usable on a PC, but also on mobile devices.

For this reason, we also fulfilled all the necessary design and technical requirements, so that both of our clients’ systems meet the mobile requirements, allowing the website to run smoothly across platforms. 

Wöhler onlineshop on smartphone

In order to achieve the best possible web results, we use a large number of different systems in our work. As such, our experts can create solutions that inspire, while offering a high level of user-friendliness for customers and buyers. 

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Tools we have used in this case:

  • TYPO3
  • Magento
  • Bootstrap
  • SOLR Search
  • Cleverreach
  • Symfony
  • Selected Payment Service Providers

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