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Sonepar initially collected OpCo/Country data manually. We supported the Product Owner, maintained project governance, and coordinated seven workstreams.

This included concept, UX, visual design, workshop management, and stakeholder feedback from UX tests and prototypes.

Later, the data was consolidating into a central platform. Positive feedback from the Global Supplier Portal's April 2019 beta launch led to continuous development.

Case in Numbers

  • 1st international digital project in Sonepar’s history
  • 49 experts, from strategic and creative to technical
  • 4 countries (Austria, France, Switzerland and Germany)
  • 20 UX tests with 10 internal and 10 external users

Sonepar is an independent family-owned company with global market leadership in B2B distribution of electrical products, solutions and related services.

The company was collecting data manually by email or with Excel templates and every 170 OpCo/Country had to provide the data this way at the end of every quarter.

The data was then consolidated into a database before being added to a central reporting platform where it could be viewed, extracted and downloaded.

The Global Supplier Portal (GSP) united experts in Data, Architecture, Cloud, Identity & Access Management, User Experience, Visual Design, Project Management and Scrum.

External consultants supported Sonepar employees and led workstreams. It employed a hybrid project management framework, with one Scrum work-stream and six traditional waterfall work streams. 

Building blocks included interdisciplinary cooperation, Agile methodology for value and transparency, and continuous involvement with user experience tests, workshops and forums. 

State of the art technologies like Microsoft Technology Stack and Power BI were employed. 

The first go-live date of April 2019 was focused on an internal beta test aimed at familiarizing a small number of internal users with the Global Supplier Portal (GSP).

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and Sonepar continues to develop the GSP in order to integrate new features and data categories as requested by countries and suppliers.

User interface of the Sonepar case

Since the end of 2019, Sonepar continues has been initiating a rollout to a wider internal audience and a number of key suppliers.

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