Digital service and process innovation for a national infrastructure and energy group.

Since May 2020, our Strategy & Change Experts have been supporting this group in fundamentally rethinking its service and sales processes.

Our client is a large national infrastructure group and energy supplier. Its dozens of subsidiaries with their services and products are an essential part of the world in which citizens live.

Integrated digitalized offerings from the company can provide an improved overall experience and significant added value in every day life. The task for us: to translate ideas and requirements into outstanding customer experiences.

Our experts took on the role of service design lead for this project, successfully developing process models in all customer-centric streams. In sub-projects, we outlined what the ideal digital customer experience should look like.

With 26 workshops, approximately 1000 customers involved across various functions, 350 customer-centric requirements and user stories, and over 430 identified ideas, this project made an essential contribution to the biggest transformation of the last 20 years.

Based on best practices and benchmark analyses, our experts have developed and validated service blueprints for customer experiences together with interdisciplinary teams from group subsidiaries.

Activities in this environment:

  • Setting up process models and process governance
  • Empowering the project team to innovate in a customer-centric manner
  • Knowledge harvesting
  • Exploration of customer needs and trends
  • Identification and detailed strategic assessment of potential topics
  • Best practice analyses and benchmarks
  • Requirement analyses
  • Online studies to assess market potential
  • Persona design, customer journey mapping, service blueprint mapping
  • Co-creation workshops with customers and employees
  • UX concepts, high- and low-fidelity, user-flow diagrams
  • UX testing
  • User story creation, user story mapping, backlog prioritization
  • Ongoing coordination with core teams and stakeholders
  • Workshop facilitation
  • UX consultation

The results and the methodical approach were the starting point for further customer-centric conception and implementation projects in the program.

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