Over 10 years of successful strategic SEO support for ARAG.

The focus of the collaboration is on improving user experience via Google.

In addition to conceptual consulting, we support the ARAG marketing team in the areas of content marketing, conversion rate optimization, on-page / on-site SEO.

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Case in Numbers

  • over 1000 % increase in organic rankings
  • over 500 % increase in organic traffic
  • over 900 % increase in organic non-brand traffic

Our comprehensive approach to SEO and content strategy has helped ARAG become a standout performer in the competitive insurance market.

We focused on building and expanding organic reach via brand and non-brand search in the highly competitive insurance market environment. 

In addition to typical SEO and quantitative keyword research, we also rely on qualitative user surveys and an extensive database built up over 10 years.

Activities in this environment:

  • Identifying informational, navigational and transactional search queries in the context of insurance products
  • Designing target group-specific user guidance
  • Producing user-centric content (image and copy) based on SEO data

Target group-specific content based on an optimized technical setup, results in sustainable organic growth and reach, thus being one of ARAG’s main marketing pillars for years.

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Heiko Stiegert

Heiko Stiegert

Head of Growth Marketing

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