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Our tech services

Our powerful platforms are not only technology agnostic, AI-powered and customer-centric. They are the heart of your data-driven business with people in focus.

The mai tech Services cover the entire service chain from consulting and architecture of digital processes, to development of customer-specific platforms, to 24/7 operation. Low to no-code approaches from established platforms go hand-in-hand with AI-supported individual development. Our operations team ensures reliable and high-performance 24/7 operation – all from a single source.

What truly defines us at mai is, that we bring digital concepts and ideas to life.

We understand business processes and know how to connect established systems. Expect honest and professional feedback on complex issues.

With our AI-driven low to no-code approach, we reduce development time and costs with a lower TCO.

We deliver on time, on budget, but above all: with passion. That's why we like to go the extra mile and focus on your business.

Our dedicated team of experts provides insights that ensure that you're always one step ahead in the market.

E-commerce, PIM, brand site or app? We look at the overall picture and develop a sustainable architectural image consisting of established platforms.

With our best of breed approach, we connect your system landscape with the best in class platforms to achieve your goals.

Everything from a single source: concept, development and operation. In conjunction with our other circles, we offer a 360-degree platform approach.

Our tech services in detail

Technical Advisory & Strategy 

As a trusted advisor, we examine your business processes and/or platforms with regard to their future viability, interoperability and competitiveness. We examine the best possible use of AI and develop a target image based on our best-of-breed approach to increase your competitiveness. We show you options for reducing TCO and increasing user acceptance.

Methodologies & Tools

  • Business & Tech Architecture
  • Digitalization & Transformation of Business Processes
  • AI Enablement
  • Cloud Acceleration
  • Provider-Neutral Platform Benchmarking
  • Identification of the Technology Gap

eCommerce, CMS, CRM & PIM System Expertise 

In conjunction with the mai experience and mai connect circles, we implement successful digital projects based on established platforms. We take care of the conception, the selection of providers and the implementation. We are a long-term innovation partner at your side.

Methodologies & Tools

We take care of Software Architecture, Development, Integration & Maintenance. From conception to operation.

Methodologies & Tools

  • Development of Requirements & Specifications
  • Software Architecture & Prototyping
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Software Development in PHP, Symfony, Java, Ruby & C#
  • Low/No-Code Development
  • App Development & Progressive Web Apps
  • Software Testing (ISTQB)
  • Provisioning: Performance, Training, Deployment & Rollout

AI-Driven Customer Processes & Experiences.

By using artificial intelligence, we guide your customers through your business processes in a targeted manner, increasing sales and reducing costs. We also automatically display your data optimally in the target group context.


Methodologies & Tools

Cloud Architecture & High Availablity Solutions.

We provide a powerful and scalable infrastructure for your platforms. To do this, we use a mix of on-premise and cloud solutions to achieve the best possible TCO.

Methodologies & Tools

  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Microservice Architecture
  • Platform as a Service
  • Private, Public & Hybrid Cloud
  • Monitoring & Alerting
  • Server & Application Maintenance
  • Backup, Restore & SLA

Managed Services.

Managed services covers all overall responsibility for keeping your platforms on a high-performance, secure and scalable infrastructure.

Methodologies & Tools

  • Managed Service Concept & SLA
  • Monitoring & Performance Optimization
  • Backup
  • Security & Firewalling
  • Incident Management & 24/7 IT Service
  • Continuous Deployment & Integration
  • Virtualization & Containerization
  • Software Maintenance & Lifecycle Management


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  • Projekt Management Professional (PMP nach PMI-Standard)
  • Scrum Master (Scrum Alliance und
  • Software-Architekt (CPSA-F — iSAQB)
  • 4 Certified Tester (ISTQB)

Points of Contact

  • Stephan Winter
    Stephan Winter
    Tech Circle Lead
  • Andreas Hobscheidt
    Andreas Hobscheidt
    New Business Manager
  • Timo Lescher
    Timo Lescher
    Head of E-Commerce
  • Gregor Kasper
    Gregor Kasper
    Head of Digital Business
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