mai strategize – In a constantly changing world, strategic and visionary thinking guide you to reach your goals.

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Our strategize services

Transform uncertainty into strategic opportunities.

Our mai strategize Services cover understanding customer insights, developing transformative strategies, supporting change initiatives, ensuring successful project delivery, as well as empowering your team with our MAI Academy portfolio.

Our commitment to your organization's growth

At mai we are not just experts in our field but we bring strong experience from diverse industries to the table.

Our approach is built on collaboration: we work with you, to implement the strategic pillars for the future.

Let's explore how we can help your corporation navigate the ever-changing landscape and unlock your full potential.

Our dedicated team of digital strategists provides insights that ensure that you're always one step ahead in the market.

Our strategize services in detail

Market Intelligence is your competitive advantage. We provide strategic insights about your customers and competitors, so you can make data-driven decisions.

Engage Customers. From research design and data collection to advanced analysis, we provide actionable insights along the customer journey. Create digital products and services that exceed customers' expectations by listening to the data. Let's strategize how to enhance satisfaction and retention by putting your customers first.

Make data-driven Decisions. From tailored studies to the set-up of continuous tracking and monitoring infrastructures. We make sure you have the data to make the right decision at the right time. Let's generate, organize, and visualize data for optimal decision-making precision and efficiency.

Step ahead of the Competition. From benchmarking and competitive analysis to business intelligence. We provide consistent support and reliable data delivery. Anticipate your customers' needs as well as your market's trends, and leave your competition in the dust with data-driven market intelligence.

Methodologies & Tools

Strategic focus drives growth in today’s fast-paced business world. Let Strategy Delivery be your guide.

Assessment and Foundation Building. Through audits and maturity checks, we assess your strengths and identify areas for improvement, laying the foundation for strategic excellence.

Stay ahead with Industry Trends. By staying on top of industry trends, we ensure your strategies align with the latest developments.

Strategy Development & Innovation. Get ready for long-term success! Our skilled strategists at MAI facilitate strategy development and craft personalized roadmaps for strategic decision-making. Together, we help you embrace innovation and refine your business model to adapt to new market dynamics.

Methodologies & Tools

We specialize in unleashing Agile Transformation and guidance through Change Management.

Driving Innovation through Integration. Innovation drives everything we do. Through seamless integration of your internal experts with our agile specialists, we forge a powerful synergy, ensuring both successful project execution and continuous innovation.

Empowering Transformational Teams. Join us in transforming your teams, unlocking their full potential, and achieving innovative results that set you apart in today's ever-evolving landscape. Our guidance for strategic change spans crafting roadmaps, facilitating communication, and providing coaching services to enhance leadership skills for effective change management.

Anchoring Innovation for Sustained Success. We're committed to anchoring customer experience strategy, innovation, and change into your business, embedding innovation management and agility to pave the way for sustained success in a dynamic world.

Methodologies & Tools


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Points of Contact

  • Tobias Hermann
    Tobias Herrmann
    Strategize Circle Lead
  • Viola Vlach
    Viola Vlach
    Head of Innovation & Change
  • Marlon Damm
    Marlon Damm
    New Business Manager
  • Joana Brandtner
    Joana Brandtner-Zangl
    Team Lead, Digital Consulting
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