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Our crm services

Stop buying your sales. Start leveraging the power of 1:1 first-party data relationships.

In today's digital landscape, businesses seek comprehensive solutions that not only streamline operations, but also foster meaningful connections with their customers. Our suite of services is designed to enhance CRM capabilities and customer engagement, integrating advanced data analytics, AI, and tailored strategy planning to deepen customer connections.

We offer innovative strategies that drive engagement and growth.

From custom solution design for seamless customer service solutions, to impactful campaigns and comprehensive full-stack management of CRM operations. 

Partnering with us means ensuring a seamless, omnichannel customer experience, exceeding expectations in the digital age.

Not Only Services – An All-In Commitment To Your Goals.

Our team’s success is directly measured through the economic achievements we unlock for our clients, with our comprehensive CRM services. We go beyond merely delivering services; we strive for genuine customer exhilaration and the tangible results of measurable growth.

We believe that our job isn’t done until we’ve seen our clients achieve success that not only meets, but surpasses, their expectations. 

We ensure that each strategy is not just aligned with, but is a critical component of, our clients’ overarching goals. With us, you're gaining more than services; you're partnering with a team wholly committed to realizing your vision for growth and success in the digital landscape.

Our crm services in detail

Data Science & Customer Analytics

Turn insights into action with our BI and AI-driven strategies.

Transform your CRM strategy with the power of data analytics. We delve into the depths of BI, AI, and comprehensive data analysis to enhance your understanding of customer behaviors and preferences.

Our expertise unlocks the full potential of your CRM data, enabling personalized customer experiences and strategic decision-making. By converting raw data into actionable insights,

we empower your business to anticipate customer needs, optimize engagement strategies, and drive sustainable growth. Let’s make your data work for you, crafting a CRM strategy that’s both intelligent and impactful.

Methodologies & Tools

From CRM Strategy & Constultancy to omnichannel integration, we blueprint success in customer relationships.

Our strategic consulting transforms your CRM from a tool into a vision, crafting strategies that foster deep, lasting customer connections.

From creating compelling business cases to developing a cohesive systems strategy and omnichannel approach, our guidance is your gateway to a CRM that not only meets but exceeds expectations.
We setting the stage for enhanced engagement, loyalty, and growth. With us, your CRM strategy becomes a dynamic asset, perfectly poised to navigate the digital landscape with agility and insight.

Methodologies & Tools

CRM Systems & Platforms tailored for success. Expert toolkits designed to deepen customer connections.

Elevate your CRM beyond its usual scope with our bespoke solutions. We specialize in creating infrastructures that are strategic engines for customer engagement and loyalty.

Our tailored systems ensure that every customer interaction is insightful, personalized, and impactful, fostering relationships that drive loyalty and growth.
By integrating innovative technology with a deep understanding of your business needs, we transform your CRM into a powerful hub of customer intelligence and engagement.

Methodologies & Tools

Tailored CRM Campaigns to craft personal connections through every touchpoint.

Imagine campaigns so personalized that they speak directly to each customer’s needs and preferences, all powered by the insights from your CRM data.

Our comprehensive campaign services leverage CRM insights to ensure that every piece of content, every design, and every personalization strategy is informed by a deep understanding of your customers.

From ideation to execution, we integrate CRM data to create compelling, personalized campaigns that not only attract but resonate deeply, fostering engagement, loyalty, and conversion. 

Methodologies & Tools

Enhance performance and innovation in your CRM Operations via an experienced teams of experts.

The efficiency of your CRM system is pivotal to maintaining seamless customer relationships. We ensure that your CRM runs smoothly, with proactive maintenance, rigorous testing, and continuous optimization.

We don’t just maintain; we innovate, ensuring that your CRM operations stay ahead of the curve and responsive to evolving customer needs.

By enhancing the operational backbone of your CRM, we empower your business to deliver consistently exceptional customer experiences, driving satisfaction, loyalty, and growth.

Methodologies & Tools

Tailored Customer Service Solutions. 
Elevate your CS with systems designed for your unique needs. 

Methodologies & Tools


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Points of Contact

  • Sebastian Wolter
    Sebastian Wolter
    CRM Circle Lead
  • Heiko Stiegert
    Heiko Stiegert
    Head of Growth Marketing
  • Yannick Kinzel
    Yannick Kinzel
    Team Lead, CRM Teams
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