We drive intelligent transformation of commerce and customer-focused engagement processes for businesses and brands. That‘s our contribution to the business community.

We are a simplicity-centric partner to our clients.

We apply sector-specific best practices, taking the learnings of the last decade and cloudification to match it with the most current insights in AI and robotics. 

With a view on the cutting edge, we constantly seek to learn, test and implement what’s ready for deployment, to give our clients an edge in a shifting, competitive landscape. 

We build the best and diverse skilled teams, inspired and motivated to bring modern innovation to businesses with a global view.

  • Alexander Diehl
    Alexander Diehl
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Christian Tiedemann
    Christian Tiedemann
  • Katarina Meiske
    Katarina Meiske
    Head of Corporate Comms & Marketing
  • Peter Van
    Peter Van
    Head of Corporate Finance
  • Stefan Janssen
    Stefan Janßen
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Felix Luxen
    Felix Luxen
    M&A Manager
  • Christian Vorfahr
    Christian Vorfahr
    MD Growth & Business Development
  • Isabel Obasi
    Isabel Obasi
    Head of Digital Sourcing
  • Johanna Otten
    Johanna Otten
    Group Director NB Management

To us, brand love and customer loyalty are more than just marketing appendices, they are key signifiers of business success.

Katarina Meiske

Katarina Meiske

Head of Corporate Comms & Marketing


+49 40 334676214

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Unleash your potential in a dynamic team! We're looking for talented individuals who want to embark on innovative journeys with us.

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